Family History

Risoldi’s Market & Catering is a sixty year old family owned and operated business. Risoldi’s family history began when Sam Risoldi (the Haunch), the son of an Italian immigrant from Rome, was an apprentice butcher in his youth. His hard work, determination, and foresight led him to gain the title of premier butcher.
family history
Sam was so good at cutting specialty meats (veal scaloppini) and seasoning his roasts that he expanded his store to a grocery market, calling it Liberty Thrift Way. He began the catering business after his homemade sausages, bronchioles, and roasts were popular enough amongst the people.

His sons, Sam Jr. and Tommy followed their father’s footsteps and opened a new store in Hamilton Township. They both continued to produce their father’s specialties but tried to expand their business by adding Italian homemade delicacies from the families’ kitchens.
family history
They pride themselves with their famous homemade vodka rigatoni sauce, roasted Italian chicken and potatoes, and pasta dishes and lot more. The two sons further enlarged the catering business by incorporating a bakery noted for its homemade cakes and the traditional holiday Italian goodies. Their Italian cheese bread turned out to be known as the “best in the east coast”.

Today, the status of Risoldi’s kitchen is always busy. They are constantly active preparing breakfast for corporate offices, luncheons, and dinners for family reunions, birthdays, or weddings. Now, no family’s holiday meals or special gatherings are complete unless a roast or homemade dessert from Risoldi’s is on their table.

The Risold’s family has recently incorporated a floral department to further enhance their services to their clients. They believe in providing ample amount of fresh and delicious quality products at very competitive prices with the complimentary good service and individualized attention. This is the foundation of our expansion, explains Sam. “Word of mouth from one client to another” has led us to climb the stairs of success, says Sam.